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I Fucking Love Music.

iwannahateyouthewayihatemyself answered your post: This might be a stupid question but it…

maybe they take them with them so they can crowd surf on a fricking folding chair like how cool is that

I like the way you think…

Poor Stu


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This might be a stupid question but it’s real in my head. When people are queuing up for a concert and they bring chairs and stuff…where do they put them when the doors open!?!?!

I just wrote my best friend a hopeless love letter. He goes to college in a different state than I live in and I AM SO SCARED TO SEND THIS LETTER. He has no idea that I like him. 

I shouldn’t have fucked with your mind and your life too many times.
- Ed Sheeran, Everything You Are




I’m so sorry

This is it this is the best audio post ever made

This audio file makes me feel like our work as a fandom is done

Like, whatever we do from now on can not compare to this

I’m sorry guys