Ed Sheeran

Ed (a bit drunkenly) sharing some parting words before playing his last song, Guiding Light in Nashville 7/8/13

  • Ed: Watch out for the end of the song, there's gonna be one line, please sing it. Sing it as long as you can. When the gig's ended, carry on singing it. When you're walking home, sing it. When you're walking through the door, sing it. John, when you're making babies, please sing it.
  • crowd: *laughs*
  • Ed: I'm gonna play this song now. Thank you so much to Musicians On Call for putting this show on. I want to say a massive thank you to The River as well, they're the first pop station in the whole of America to support me, so thank you very much for that. Thank you for putting the gig on. I don't know why but they wanted something of mine from the gig to give away, so I'm going to be giving away this t-shirt!
  • crowd: *cheers* take it off!
  • Ed: Keep listening to the this station...I'm gonna play this song, please sing at the end, carry on singing, do not stop singing, even if I step off this table, carry on singing!
  • fan: I love you, Ed! You're the best!
  • Ed: You're the best!
  • crowd: *cheers*
  • Ed: So thanks for having me! If you're of age, please go out and get very drunk and enjoy yourself. If you're not of age, please go home and get ready for school tomorrow...
  • crowd: IT'S SUMMER!
  • Ed: *American white girl voice* IT'S SUMMER!!!
  • crowd: *cheers*

Am I the only who thinks about that inbetween all of Ed’s random and sarcastic and funny tweets throughout the past few years, he’s been heartbroken but he just puts on this front for the public so that we have no idea. Sigh.

PSA: Pre-sale : A summary (as of 22nd April, 12:16am EDT)


Pre-sale dates for the following shows:

Vancouver, BC - April 29
Glendale, AZ - May 6
Cleveland, OH - May 6
Nashville, TN - May 6
Minneapolis, MN - May 6
Charlotte, NC - May 6
Kansas City, MO - May 13
Atlanta, GA - May 5 (either pre-sale or general sale)

The following dates need to wait a little bit for pre-sale information:

Seattle, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Philadelphia, PA

*A little bit of favour, could you guys RT this tweet I made about it? No one seems to be paying attention unfortunately.

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