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Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran is amazing

Kiss from Ed <3






I just saw this on Instagram, and Athina’s really upset about these pictures being online, if anyone has posted or reblogged them (apart from the one Athina) posted, could you please take them down? I don’t want to be a prude but Ed wouldn’t want his girlfriend feeling that way and I know some fans feel awful for sharing them, even though Athina says it’s not your fault.. We would be respected more if we respected their wishes, she’s just a normal girl with insecurities like the rest of us xxx

this makes me so upset, pleaseeeee stop :/

This puts things into perspective.
I’ll be deleting all reblogs right away :)

Well, so this is coming from Athina, she’s asking via instagram if people can stop spreading yesterday’s (and I believe future) pictures where cameras shouldn’t be, and pictures shouldn’t been taken. She’s nicely asking us for it. So if you posted/reblogged any of those pictures of her/ed/ed and her, please delete it. And as she said. It won’t be gone forever, since what’s uploaded on the internet, stays on the internet forever. But we can at least help a little bit and that way, photos will not keep going around anywhere else.

guys, you heard the woman, she’s just like us, I mean, when one of your friends tag you on a picture that you don’t look good you ask them to delete, right? let’s do this for her

^ Yeah, so basically if you want to understand why it’s wrong to post these pics of Athina, all you need to do is think of that one annoying friend who always refuses to remove ugly pictures of you from Facebook etc
I think that is a good comparison 

water u doin

You deserve these and more.
    Congratulations for your 10M followers on Twitter